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A Star is Born is a remarkable film filled with sincere performances, breathtaking music, and an emotional story about the fragility of the human spirit.
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A Star is Born is the directorial debut of Bradley Cooper and with this film, he is placing his marker as a new and impressive talent behind the lens. Along for the ride is Lady Gaga who is the other half of this bombastic double act.

The story of A Star is Born is about Jackson Maine a seasoned musician who happens across a hidden gem. Her name is Ally a musical genius hidden away from the world due to a lack of confidence. When they meet he decides to bring her into his world and use her amazing talent to better her life and subconsciously better his as well.

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The short of it is this – A Star is Born is easily one of the best films of 2018. I can’t gush enough about the cast, the director, the cinematography, and most important of all, the music. Much like John Krasinski who came out strong with his film A Quiet Place, Cooper crafts a world with such a sincere sense of self. A Star is Born and the characters within it are fascinating.

Jackson Maine is one of the most layered and complex individuals I’ve seen in film in a long time. His journey in A Star is Born is one of tragedy and familiarity. He is that person moulded by tragedy and uses those scars and pain to elevate the lives of his fans. He’s so used to this anguish in his life it is only when Ally (Gaga) is introduced into his life that he even begins to notice. Audiences may recognise this type of character in film but between the performance from Cooper as well as the writing Jackson Maine is, at least for me, a remarkable character.

Another character that needs to be discussed is Ally who is brought to life by Lady Gaga. Gaga is incredible in this role. The character of Ally once again could have been your usual stock character who wants to be famous, who wants her voice to be heard and again like Jackson Ally is in part that. Thankfully though when you couple her with Jackson and his world they make each other far more interesting and divorce themselves from the clichéd aspects of these types of characters.

A Star is Born

These two lead A Star is Born into what I believe is award-worthy territory.

Another element that adds further credence to the quality of this film is the music. From literally the first scene until the last one I adored every song in this film. With Gaga you expect this level of quality but with Cooper, I was blown away. He brought such a rawness when performing his songs that I couldn’t take my eyes away from the screen.

The music of A Star is Born is such a potent element that I couldn’t believe how much I fell in love with it. From the moments Ally and Jackson enter the scene with their respective debut songs this film has you in the palm of its hand. Director Bradley Cooper banks on this and it pays off.

A Star is Born is a remarkable film filled with sincere performances, breathtaking music, and an emotional story about the fragility of the human spirit.

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