Looks like JJ Abrams has pulled another fast one on us by releasing a sneaky teaser trailer for his new project before Iron Man 2 at cinemas in the US. So just what in the name of Sam Hill is Super-8?

Well it’s a project he’s been working on with Steven Spielberg, it’s not Cloverfield 2, but it is low-budget and sparse on info just like that project. Abrams himself is helming the movie which is being produced by Paramount Pictures.

The movie itself is set in the 1970s, and centres on a train carrying something dreadful from a section Area 51 that has been closed down. The train which is bound for Ohio is about to have an unexpected diversion when whatever is on board makes a bid for freedom.

Okay it might not sound like much but this has the same nervous energy and intriguing possibilities that made Cloverfield such a marketing success and enthralling film to watch. Personally I can’t wait for the 2011 release to see what JJ has in store for us.

Hit up the movie’s official site Super8-movie.com for more.

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