See now this new movie, Devil, could be very cool if it wasn’t for one tiny little detail. That detail? Why it’s M. Night Shymalan, the man fast becoming the new Uwe Boll of motion pictures.

Thankfully this time around he’s leaving the directing up to John Erick Dowdle, the guy responsible for the passable Quarantine, and the scriptwriting to Brian Nelson, who wrote Hard Candy. Shymalan did provide the basic idea which sees a bunch of people trapped in a lift, one of whom is the devil.

I love that idea and I also am quite fond of the new poster for the project which has just debuted with Empire.

The movie itself is out September 17th.

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  1. Charles

    Have to agree with Nicola, how his name being attached to a project could garner it anything other than outright contempt after his recent string of movies I’m not sure.

  2. Niall

    With people laughing at the teaser when they saw M. Night’s name you would think that the marketing people would say “hey hold on a minute”…


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