Christina Aguilera is really stretching herself in her new movie Burlesque, for which we now have a trailer.

Xtina plays Ali, a wannabe star and waitress at a burlesque club where she much rather be on stage. And wouldn’t you know it thanks to her amazing voice and dance moves she gets her chance.

Helping Aguilera on the acting front is Cher, Kristen Bell, Cam Gigandet, Eric Dane, and Stanley Tucci. So that cast isn’t bad even if the trailer makes this look closer to Showgirls 2 than Chicago 2.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Aguilera’s Ali runs away from Iowa in search of fame and ends up waitressing at The Burlesque Lounge on the Sunset Strip. That is until Kristen Bell’s headliner, Nikki, shows up tipsy one night and Ali must fill in.  Ali helps turn what once was a lip-sync club into a singing-and-dancing revue after she displays her vocal fireworks onstage in numbers like “But I’m a Good Girl.”  Cher is Tess, owner of a retro club who has a modern-day problem: She can’t make the payments on her over-mortgaged property.  Together, Ali and Tess manage to transform the Burlesque Lounge into a success.  Stanley Tucci is Sean, the lounge’s stage manager, a go-to guy for the gals and best friend to Tess.

Every night, Tess and Sean put together the costumes for that evening’s performance. Other men in the cast include Cam Gigandet (Twilight) as Jack, Ali’s piano-playing love interest; Eric Dane as entrepreneur Marcus, who tries to woo Ali away; and Alan Cumming as Alexis, the gender-bending doorman.

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2 Responses

  1. Charles

    Can’t say I’m too enthused by the trailer, it seems like a very poor attempt to emulate the recent string of dance and musical pictures out there, along with giving Aguilera a tired vehicle not too far removed from her comfort zone.

  2. lindsay

    an updated "showgirls". it looks like its almost identical except burlesque dancers instead of vegas showgirls. it does look kind of cute though, despite its complete lack of originality.


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