For years the UK box-office figures has included the Republic of Ireland. The reason for this is primarily because the two markets are so similar, and the distribution companies tend to share resources. So I was curious as to the Irish component of the UK box office figures for films released in the first 6 months of 2014. As expected Irish films released in both markets had the highest percentages.

Far out in front was John Butler’s The Stag with 83% of the total combined UK and Irish box-office coming from the Republic of Ireland. That was followed by another Irish film, John Michael McDonagh’s Calvary, which saw 42% of its combined box-office come from southern Ireland. Number 3 is a scheduling anomaly, with DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon 2 earning 37% of its total in Ireland. The film was released two weeks earlier in Irish and Scottish cinemas, and is still on release. When final figures are available towards the end of the year this will be considerably lower.

The next 3 in terms of percentages are also Irish productions, with Ken Loach’s Jimmy’s Hall at 33%, Lenny Abrahamson’s Frank at 21%, and the Brendan O’Carroll starring Mrs. Brown’s Boys d’Movie earning 17% of its extraordinary box-office from Ireland.

Rounding out the Top Ten are US productions; Dallas Buyers Club (16%), Endless Love (13%), Muppets Most Wanted (12%), and Last Vegas (11%).

On the whole the Irish box-office represents 7% of the total combined figures for the UK and Irish market, which is exactly what our population of 4.589 million represents in the total for the islands. But when it comes to our own we really do turn out in droves.

RankTitleCountry of OriginTotal Gross to dateIrish GrossFX AdjustedIrish % of UK BOIrish Rank
116The StagIre£542,586€560,140£448,11283%25
54How to Train Your Dragon 2USA£1,459,256€677,102£541,68237%23
74Jimmy’s HallUK/Ire£494,644€202,969£162,37533%40
16Mrs. Brown’s Boys d’MovieUK/Ire£9,299,344€2,004,579£1,603,66317%3
28Dallas Buyers ClubUSA£4,835,877€969,518£775,61416%18
52Endless LoveUSA£1,527,376€248,842£199,07413%36
22Muppets Most WantedUK/USA£7,547,269€1,106,543£885,23412%13
23Last VegasUSA£6,664,359€911,762£729,41011%19
1The Lego MovieUSA£33,981,931€3,274,305£2,619,4448%1
2X-Men: Days of Future PastUSA£26,856,504€1,860,392£1,488,3146%4
3The Amazing Spider-Man 2USA£23,642,745€1,735,103£1,388,0826%7
4The Wolf of Wall StreetUSA£22,267,066€2,255,559£1,804,4478%2
512 Years a SlaveUK/USA/Lux£20,028,909€1,701,598£1,361,2787%8
6Captain America: The Winter SoldierUSA£19,261,224€1,290,622£1,032,4975%11
922 Jump StreetUSA£16,554,354€1,844,764£1,475,8129%5
10Bad NeighboursUSA£15,902,287€1,806,248£1,444,9999%6


*All figures are based on information available from Rentrak, up to June 30th, 2014.

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