Twice Shy, an independent Irish movie, that tackles the topical subject of abortion, is near completion, after less than a year in production. The film features top Irish talent such as Ardal O’ Hanlon and Pat Shortt.

Twice Shy is a modern coming of age drama, that centres around a young couple who set off on a road trip from Ireland to London. The young, unmarried couple is played by Shane Murray Corcoran (King Arthur, Angela’s Ashes) and Iseult Casey, who makes her big screen debut. They take the trip as the result of an unplanned pregnancy and have some life changing decisions to make. The film portrays their journey, through the ups and downs of their relationship, and features support from a stellar cast of Irish actors, including Ardal O’ Hanlon (After Hours, Fr. Ted), Pat Shortt (The Guard, Garage), Mary Conroy (Ros na Run), and Paul Ronan (Love/Hate).

Director Tom Ryan (Trampoline) and producer Fionn Greger first discussed the project in December 2014, when they had neither script nor funding. However just four months later a script was completed and funding secured. Filming took place in Ireland and London, during the summer.

The film is expected to be completed this Christmas, with the aim being to launch the film at festivals starting in the spring. This will be followed by a general release in cinemas, and later online. The film makers are also prepping several new pitches for film projects, which will be ready in early 2016.


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