2017 was the busiest year to date for Irish films in Irish cinemas, with 38 receiving a release in more than one cinema and/or for more than one day. Now it’s your opportunity to vote for what was your favourite of the year’s Irish film releases.

From the big hitters like The Killing of a Sacred Deer to the break-out hits like Cardboard Gangsters, from small documentaries like Meetings with Ivor to the other reaches of space with The Farthest, it has been a varied and magnificent year for Irish film.

Familiarise yourself with the selection, then cast your vote!

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What was your favourite Irish film of 2017?

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The poll will close on December 20th, when we will reveal our readers’ favourites.

36 Responses

  1. JF Duddy

    Emerald City was by far the best movie I’ve seen this year. Why is Emerald City movie not in the Best Irish movie of the year category..

  2. Decron

    Have you watched Emerald City. I don’t think so. Demons confronted and exposed. Amazing movie and story based on true life story of Irish abroad .

  3. Anna Monahan

    Where’s Emerald City? Best movie I’ve seen about being working class Irish living in NYC and struggling to bring your dream to reality.

  4. Mickey Higgins

    No Emerald City? Saw it at the Belfast Film Festival. Gem of a movie, great story, amazing performancs.

  5. Niall

    Thank you to all of those interested in voting for Emerald City. It did not meet the criteria of having a cinema release of more than one day and/or in more than one cinema.

  6. Martin Mc Fadden

    Got to see Emerald City the other week. Top, top movie, gritty, funny and heartbreaking in equal measure. Loved the rawness of it and the brilliantly natural performances from all the cast. Haven’t felt as impacted by a movie in quite a while. 5 Stars from me…… Go see it !!!


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