To mark World Environment Day, Break Out Pictures has announced that major Irish cinemas will be bringing Tom Burke’s timely and urgent climate change documentary Losing Alaska to their audiences this Autumn, with participating cinemas include IMC, Omniplex, Movies@ and Gate Cinemas. Audiences can register their interest in seeing the film at their local cinema via the Break Out Pictures website.

Losing Alaska tells the story of a small community in Alaska called Newtok who are dealing with a slow-moving disaster. The 375 inhabitants of Newtok feel the winter storms grow more fierce each year and steal their coastline, they watch their homes disappear into rolling seas as the melting permafrost erodes the edges of their town.  The plan is to abandon the town and start again 9 miles up the river on higher, more solid ground. The community is divided between those determined to stay, and those equally determined to move. They are fighting the weather, the indifference of state agencies and now, finally, each other.

Losing Alaska is a local story with global significance and deserves our attention.

I’m delighted that Irish audiences will get to see the film, as intended, on the cinema screen. Newtok is a small town facing the big problem of climate change, a community in need facing the indifference of government. There are lessons here for anyone interested in how people pull together, or not, in the face of the challenges that are coming. Tom Burke, Director

Losing Alaska is directed by Tom Burke and produced by Jessie Fisk and Alan Maher for Marcie Films with backing from Screen Ireland.

Want Losing Alaska to screen in your local cinema, register your interest via the Break Out Pictures website.

Losing Alaska

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