The wonderful Irish movie, Frank, starring Michael Fassbender, Domhnall Gleeson and Maggie Gyllenhaal, will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD this Friday.

Directed by Lenny Abrahamson (Adam & Paul, What Richard Did, Garage), Frank tells the story of a band with a love of unusual music, ‘headed’ up by Frank (Fassbender), an eccentric singer who wears a giant paper mache head, with some believing he wears it to hide his identity and add to the quirky nature of his band, while others know the truth behind the mask. When Jon (Gleeson), a keyboard player and wannabe songwriter, joins the band, Frank’s way of life is challenged, forcing him and his fellow bandmates into a downward spiral, delivering laughs, great music and leading to an unforgettable finale that will stay with you long after the movie has ended.

A fantastic movie from start to finish, Frank delivers everything a viewer could want from it… Laughs, sadness, a real sense of quirkiness and a terrific soundtrack… Lenny, with great past successes, outdoes his previous work, while the cast are all on top form, with Michael Fassbender obviously stealing the show. For me, Frank is the best Irish movie I’ve seen since Michael Collins, a must-see movie.

The Frank DVD/ Blu-ray, VOD and soundtrack launch this Friday will be held at Tower Records, Dawson Street, Dublin. It is currently available as VOD on

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