Scannain talks Them’s The Breaks with producers Sarah Barr and Aoife Kelly. Them’s The Breaks is a new feature documentary following a movement in Ireland which attempts to tackle gender inequality, particularly in the Arts sector.

Inspired by the #WakingTheFeminists movement, comes a documentary about equality, voices, and walking miles in other people’s shoes. Them’s The Breaks critiques and explores the many reasons and ways women have been forgotten both in our national history and on our national stage.

The team behind the film is made up of Sarah Barr (Producer), Sarah Corcoran (Director), Stephen Elliott (Writer) and Aoife Kelly (Producer). Barr, Corcoran and Elliott are Alumnus of DCU Masters in Film and Television Studies and have developed a keen interest in socially engaged documentaries which have the ability to shed light and affect change.

Using Irish Crowdfunding platform the team today (March 8th) launched their funding campaign in order to raise essential funds for Post Production, Archive Footage and Equipment rental, among other necessities. The film has already begun production and this crowdfunding campaign marks the first step in completing the project for distribution.

The team are asking for the public’s support in bringing this documentary to life. In order to support this exciting endeavour please follow the film on, Facebook, and Twitter.

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