have been running a nostalgia week since Monday and it got me to thinking what are my top 5 movies of the 1980s (which I revealed over there). It’s also prompted me to do some 80s movies themed posts which I will start from next Monday.

Today however I have a little competition for you lucky readers. Universal Pictures Ireland have given Scannain a pair of tickets to give away so that you can catch the epic time travelling adventure Back to the Future the way it was meant to be seen, in digitally remastered big-screen form.

To be in with a chance of winning simply post a comment below stating when you would choose to travel back in time to and why.

*Competition is closed* Congratulations to John

Even if you don’t win you should still check run out one of the 80s finest movies, and then buy the trilogy when it comes to Blu-ray October 25th.

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Founder and Managing Editor of Scannain. Head of Business Affairs at Treasure Entertainment. If found please return to a cinema. Always willing to lend a hand to an Irish film, actor or director in need.

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9 Responses

  1. Kevin

    I would definitely go back to the 1930's to see Hollywood in it's infant days. To be able to see Southern California during this time must have been amazing.

  2. sundryandco

    I considered going back to an historical event or changing the course of history for the better, but I couldn't resist first using it for the folllowing:

    I'd travel to 1975 and invite Samuel Beckett and John Lennon to my house for tea. While John serenaded me, I'd ask Beckett to clear up a few questions I have about "Endgame" and "Waiting for Godot". Bette Davis would arrive for dessert and perform scenes out of "All About Eve". Then we'd all jump in the time machine together and wreak havoc on the world past and future!

  3. Ciaran

    1975 so I could invest in Microsoft. Or last Thursday – I'd have done the Euromillions last week and won the $100million which would've been nice.

  4. Niall

    And the random number generator picks 1. Congrats to John on winning the tickets.

    Commiserations to the rest. Some of those answers were brilliant.

    @sundryandco I loved your Mad Hatter's Tea Party.


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