Mattress Men

Mattress Men

Trying to save his struggling mattress business, Michael Flynn reinvents himself as the eccentric online persona 'Mattress Mick', under the guidance of his friend Paul Kelly. As business begins to grow, their friendship starts to implode. --- Directed by: Colm Quinn
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Dare to Be Wild

Irishwoman Mary Reynold's journey from rank outsider to winner of a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show. --- Directed by: Vivienne De Courcy --- Starring: Emma Greenwell, Tom Hughes, Alex MacQueen, Christine Marzano

Cardboard Gangsters

A group of young Cardboard Gangsters attempt to gain control of the drug trade in Darndale, chasing the glorified lifestyle of money, power and sex. --- Directed by Mark O'Connor --- Starring John Connors,Kierston Wareing, Fionn Walton, Jimmy Smallhorne


South tells the story of a young man, named Tom, who is struggling with his father’s recent passing. After finding a photograph of his estranged mother, he decides to seek out the only family he has left. --- Directed by Gerard Walsh --- Starring Darragh O’Toole, Emily Lamey, Joe Rooney, Andie McCaffrey Byrne