ShinAwiL, one of Ireland’s leading content producers, and Swiss production companies C-FILMS and Point Prod have announced an agreement to develop and co-produce a new drama series written by Pascal Glatz and Christian Wehrlin in cooperation with Mirage screenwriter Bénédicte Charles.

Swiss national broadcaster Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR) is funding development of the script together with its French and German speaking networks SRF and RTS.

Set in Switzerland in 1999, as well as in Dublin, London and Baghdad, Alpha follows newly appointed United Nations (UN) official Victoria Seiler as she uncovers a corruption scandal within the UN and its Oil for Food Program, setting events in motion that will change her life irrevocably. Unknowingly she has come up against one of the most powerful Swiss lobbyists of all: Anton Roos. Victoria quickly learns the rules of the game and begins to enjoy the perks of power in this world previously unknown to her. When she realizes that she has been manipulated by Roos she confronts him and becomes a player herself.

ShinAwiL launched its scripted division in early 2019 and is currently developing a slate of projects all in receipt of funding from screen agencies and broadcasters including the Canadian Media Fund, Screen Ireland and RTE. The company recently wrapped production on A+E Networks International’s Miss Scarlett and the Dukewhich it is overseeing production for Element 8.

I have gotten to know Peter Reichenbach from C-FILMS over the last few years through our membership of International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ) and it is fantastic to get to develop a series with Peter and Jean-Marc Froehle from Point Prod. We are very excited to get to work with two young Swiss writers and a writer with the calibre of Bénédicte Charles.

Larry Bass, CEO – ShinAwiL

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