The Winter Lake

#Review: The Winter Lake

New Irish feature film The Winter Lake, written by David Turpin (The Lodgers) and directed by first-time feature director Phil Sheerin, will have its...
The High Note

#Review: The High Note

The High Note is a "comedy-drama" that will be released this Friday on VOD. It stars Dakota Johnson, Tracee Ellis Ross, as well as Kelvin Harrison Jr...
Sea Fever

#Review: Sea Fever

Sea Fever is an Irish horror about a crew of sailors who happen across something sinister off the coast of the West of Ireland. Will the film sink or...
Ordinary Love

#Review: Ordinary Love

Ordinary Love is a touching, sensitive drama about a couple dealing with the aftermath of a cancer diagnosis which is bolstered by two stellar performances and a script with an eye for the microscopic.
Emerald City

#Review: Emerald City

Writer/Director Colin Broderick's Emerald City is a surprisingly heartfelt and vulnerable story of brotherhood and the bonds that keep people together.