Lady Bird Scannain Review

#Review: Lady Bird

With Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig and her cast have shone a spotlight on an important time in a persons life and created a timeless story.
20th Century Women

#Review: 20th Century Women

With a limp script, uneven performances and an unsure narrative, 20th Century Women has a lot of problems, but it has some merit too.

#Review: Jackie

Led by a never-better Portman, Jackie skillfully and wittily examines the weight of legacy and duty through the viewpoint of one remarkable woman.

Mistress America

With characters and dialogue purpose-built for annoyance, Mistress America overreaches for laughs and just ends up outstaying its welcome, even at just 84 minutes.


Eden is an engaging portrait of the beautiful madness that is the pursuit of one's passion, set against an incredible musical backdrop.