#Take 2: 1917

1917 is a visual and auditory wonder but it never would have worked as well without its incredible cast.

#Review: 1917

With 1917 Sam Mendes and Roger Deakins, create a World War 1 that is bombastic and immediate.
Avengers: Infinity War Scannain Review

#Review: Avengers: Infinity War

With the arrival of Thanos the MCU is shaken to its very core and nothing will ever be the same again. With powerful performances, an incredible villain and intense action Avengers: Infinity War is the event of the year.
Dr. Strange

#Review: Doctor Strange

Stunning and visually dizzying Marvel's Doctor Strange is equal parts impressive and frustrating, a superhero franchise with potential, but unfulfilled.

Black Mass

Black Mass is filled with a star-studded cast, but it is Johnny Depp's portrayal of Jimmy Whitey Bulger that will have you on the edge of your seat.