Last Vegas
1.0Overall Score

Opening with a flashback to a group of young boys and their young lady friend we are quickly introduced to the group and their significance in supporting and looking after each other. They’re a team and they’ve got what every team has, an intelligent one, a smart mouth, a hard man and calm yet strong individual with their lady friend Sophie clearly swooning over the hard ass and the loud mouth. Flash forward 58 years and the guys are living out their various lives apart from one another until loud mouth Billy (Douglas) gets engaged to a woman half his age, at a bizarre funeral scene, and they must come together in Las Vegas to celebrate together one last time.

Someone in Hollywood clearly decided that the Hangover movies were not appealing to a certain demographic and thus came up with the wonderful idea of making what is essentially the same movie in the same location and featuring a little more heart. And they decided to do it with some pretty decent actors as well so that my parents will pop along to have a look at what’s on offer. This project is ill conceived, it’s poorly delivered and serves to further destroy the good name of Robert DeNiro. He has gone about destroying his own legacy with what one can only believe is a hunger for cash. He is cast as the tough guy of this group of characters, which everyone is just so sick of seeing that it only makes it even worse to watch. Similarly, one wonders how Michael Douglas can follow up his incredible performance in Behind the Candelabra with this rubbish. Morgan Freeman does very little in the way of good or bad and Kevin Kline is really the only one who mildly entertains.

The overall message of this movie is that old people can still be cool and have fun and that young people are either sluts or assholes, which may be true, but that doesn’t make it entertaining.

Bad idea, bad writing, and bad execution make Last Vegas undoubtedly one to avoid. Garbage.

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