For years, there have been documented cases of UFO sightings – The Battle of Los Angeles in 1942, Buenos Aires in 1965, Seoul in 1983, France, Germany, China – but all of these had official stories that covered up and dismissed these inexplicable events.

Yesterday the UK government unclassified a heap of documentation with details on UFO sighting above the British Isles. Totalling some 6,000 pages and containing 24 files from 1994-2000 that’s quite a lot of sightings.

Also it seems one of the files has gone missing. No information remains on the UFO sighting known as the Rendlesham Incident. A cover-up, a conspiracy or simple bad filing? Sadly we may never know.

What we do know is that aliens are about to invade our cinema screens and with that in mind I bring this exclusive new expert vignette for Battle: Los Angeles, Sony’s latest and greatest UFO invasion feature. This vignette features Capt. Robert Salas, a missile launch officer at Dahlstrom Air Force Base, who in 1967 who witnessed more than he bargained for one morning.

I guarantee there’s no cover-up here!
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In true Starship Troopers form more info on the UK UFO sightings can be downloaded from

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