So now we finally know what it will look like when the Dude plays the Duke. The new Coen brothers reimagining of the 1969 John Wayne starring western True Grit gets its first trailer today and it looks pretty darn good.

The film follows Mattie Ross, a 14-year old girl whose father is murdered by a vicious man named Chaney. To get the revenge she feels she deserves, she hires a gun-slinging, alcoholic US Marshall named Rooster Cogburn. Together, they set out to avoid other more noble lawmen and bring Chaney to justice.

In addition to Jeff Bridges an all-star cast includes Josh Brolin and Matt Damon, in addition to newcomer Hailee Steinfeld. And with the Coens behind the camera this should be a doozy.

True Grit is out January 14th.

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