Been wondering what Kevin Costner has been up to lately? Yeah neither have I. Apparently the career of the one time box-office goliath is still on the downward slope with his latest movie, The New Daughter, going straight to DVD.

The film which is based on a short story by Irish author John Connolly sees Costner as John James (simply shocking name), a man trying to rebuild his family life after a messy divorce.  Tasked with raising his two children and with his daughter becoming more and more of a handful, John starts to realise that something very strange is going on and that his family is in mortal peril.

Adapted from Connolly’s short story of the same name by screenwriter John Travis, the film marks the début feature from Luis Berdejo, the writer of [REC] and Quarantine.

The movie is out on DVD and Blu-ray on May 18th in the States with no word on a potential UK and Irish release. Oh how the mighty have fallen…

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  1. Janet

    I have. Costner’s got 4 movies in the works: Filming begins soon on “Learning Italian” – he’ll later direct a movie called “A Litlle War Of Our Own” and he’s said to be in the movie “The Diplomat” which is in pre-production. He’s also got an A&E mini-series in the works that will also have a movie attached to it. And “The Company Men” should be out this fall….

  2. Darren

    Poor Kevin Costner. Karma is, like gravity, a harsh mistress. You can't do a film like Waterworld and expect to walk away unblemished. Making The Postman was just being cheeky.

  3. Niall

    Don't get me wrong Costner can be great in movies, but his last properly good appearance on screen was 7 years ago in the much-overlooked Open Range. It's sad to see the careers of talents like him and Eddie Murphy take the turn that they have.


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