Meet Mother Gothel, the not incredibly nice parental figure from Walt Disney’s forthcoming animated film Tangled.

It seems that Mother Gothel took Rapunzel away from her family when she was a baby and has her locked in the tower so that she can use her magic hair to keep her looking young. See told you she wasn’t nice!

The movie, which is a twist on the classic fairytale Rapunzel, sees Mandy Moore voice a young girl, who having been stolen from her parents as a baby, is locked away in a tower. Now a feisty teen she plans her escape, with the help of a dashing rogue, a crazy horse and the charming chameleon Pascal.

I also added a new Japanese poster below for good measure. Enjoy! Tangled is out January 28th.

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  1. dutxhguy

    seen it already. got to say its the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it love it! mother gothel is nice in a way but shes old and nasty.


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