As the UK and Irish release date approaches Sony is ramping up the marketing for Machete, the Danny Trejo starring Mexican outlaw movie from Robert Rodriguez, based on a fake trailer in the middle of Quentin Tarantino and Rodriguez’ double-header Grindhouse.

Today we get a new international poster for the movie, which sees Trejo take on the role of Machete, a rogue former Mexican undercover agent, who is on the lam in Texas after a blow-out with a drug lord, played by Steven Seagal. He finds a job, the assassination of Senator McLaughlin (Robert De Niro), but things don’t go according to plan.

Joining Trejo, De Niro and Seagal is a bevy of female talent including Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan. So you can say that this movie is aimed at a mostly male audience.

While the Americans have had this for over a month now us in Ireland have to wait until November 26th.

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