david_koeppThere’s a new high-concept, big budget thriller coming our way courtesy of Jurassic Park and War Of The Worlds writer David Koepp.

The screenwriter, and Steven Spielberg’s go to guy these days, is set to film Premium Rush, based on a script he co-wrote with John Kamps. This will be Koepp’s fifth directorial outing, after Ghost Town, Stir Of Echoes, Secret Window and The Trigger Effect, but marks the first time he has attempting a high action flick. The story revolves around a bike messenger who picks up a parcel so important that he’s chased through a city by a corrupt cop, who wants its contents badly.

So then, it’ll just be one continuously long chase scene then? Fine by me. I’m hoping that it’ll be done in real-time, or even better shot all in one take a lá Russian Ark. Just to get the adrenaline blood pumping you understand. Koepp certainly knows action, having scripted Mission: Impossible and the first Spider-Man but is he write to direct? Hopefully the main man Steven will be about to lend a guiding hand.

Sony are fast-tracking the production, but no actors have been attached as of yet. Expect to see the movie in cinemas summer to late 2011.

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  1. Ronan

    Don't start a news story with something about Jurassic Park. You'll get me thinking there's going to be a fourquel. Damn you!


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