Last weekend was a big release weekend in Ireland with 4 movies opening, and all 4 entering the Top 10.

The lowest entry of these, at 10, was Adam Sandler’s new comedy That’s My Boy, marking a low point critically and takings-wise for the once box-office king.  An opening weekend of €33,401 for an average per venue take of €879 does not bode well for this staying long in the Top 20.

New in at 4 was Pete Travis’ Karl Urban starring Dredd 3D with a respectable €63,074 from 39 venues. This is a good opening for an 18 rated comic-book title and with strong word of mouth fuelling attendances this one should have legs.

Universal will be somewhat disappointed at Anna Karenina‘s second placing in the charts, with strong buzz in the lead-up to the release not resulting in the big box-office that it’s counter-programming to Lawless and Dredd 3D would suggest they expected. A respectable €78,656 is nothing to be sneezed at and Anna Karenina will hang around in the Top 20 for some time based on audience responses. Still one can’t help but think that a winter release might have suited this better.

The fourth and final new entry straight in at No. 1 is John Hillcoat’s Lawless. Starring homme-de-jour Tom Hardy and profitting from a great marketing campaign Lawless reaped a collective €123,816 for an almost €3,000 per venue admission. Given that this is a hard 16 rated gangster film with intensely violent scenes this is a remarkably good haul and a sign that Irish audiences can recognise ambitious storytelling and great acting.

Elsewhere Ted continued it’s strong run with another €58k to bring its total to almost €4 million. It will sail past that mark making it easily the biggest comedy in Ireland in years. The Dark Knight Rises continues it’s assault on €5.5 million and cements it’s place as Ireland highest grossing film of 2012. The Imposter and Shut Up and Play the Hits both continue to do strong business at the art-house with €3k and €2k per venue figures respectively.

Next week sees the release of The Sweeney, ParaNorman and Premium Rush. The later two aired at the recent Movie Fest in Dublin and are generating strong word-of-mouth. ParaNorman will be in a likely 3 way fight with Lawless and Dredd 3D for next week’s top-spot.


Weekend of 7th September, 2012 – 9th September, 2012





Weeks in Chart

Weekend Amount €

Running Total €

2Anna KareninaUNIVERSAL38178,65678,656
3Total RecallSONY63274,447391,110
7Watch, The20TH FOX53244,646427,920
8Possession, TheLIONSGATE49237,797145,043
9Three Stooges, The20TH FOX54335,639298,822
10That’s My BoySONY38133,40133,401
11Bourne Legacy, TheUNIVERSAL36426,0421,085,661
12Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days20TH FOX58623,502984,360
13Dark Knight Rises, TheWARNER17819,8125,447,514
14Few Best Men, ADISNEY29215,00975,805
15Dr. Seuss’ The LoraxUNIVERSAL42712,2221,030,144
16Shadow DancerPARAMOUNT24312,040176,379
18Imposter, ThePICT/REV236,47151,409
19Expendables 2, TheLIONSGATE844,727417,030
20Shut Up And Play The HitsPULSE224,60315,783

Source: Rentrak. Correct as of 11th September 2012.

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