Oh looky what we have here, a whole load of pictures for Christopher Nolan’s next big movie Inception. I have no idea what the movie is about and I’m loving living in this refreshing haze of ignorance. It’s a  Nolan film, it’s got Leo in it and the teaser looked off the wall crazy cool, that’s all I need to know.

It’s cost a reported $200 million and it must be killing Warner Bros not to be able to shout plot points from the rooftops. It’s out July 16th and I for one can’t wait!

Thanks to /Film for the heads up.

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  1. Róisín

    I like the poster, I like stills above and now I’ve just had a read of the plot on Wiki and I like that too! With the director, cast and storyline, this looks like it could be one of those sneaky successes 🙂

  2. Darren

    I am so freakin' excited about this movie. The stills are just ramping up my excitement. You can keep your Iron Man 2 (but please don't, I want to see that too), Inception is the one I'm really looking forward to this year.

  3. Niall

    @Róisín Christopher Nolan is about as safe a pair of hands as is around. This should be epic.

    @Darren I'll get over IM2 first then I'll start getting excited about Inception. 🙂


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