It looks like Clint Eastwood is ramping up production of his J. Edgar Hoover biopic. Having only been signed to the movie himself a few short weeks back, the timeless director has now set his sights on filling the title role of FBI founder Hoover. In his sights? Why none other than new crowned resident go to fedora wearing, nervous guy…Leonardo DiCaprio.

With a script from Milk writer Dustin Lance Black, the movie is set to look at Hoover’s involvement in the creation of the FBI and the roots of his legendary character. It was absolutely vital that Eastwood cast an actor of true star quality to ground the film and in DiCaprio he appears to have found his man. The deal has yet to be signed but it makes too much sense not to happen.

Hoover was famously last played on screen with great gusto by Billy Crudrup in Michael Mann’s Public Enemies and I felt he equated himself well.

Spielberg, Scorsese and now Eastwood seems Leo is one hell of a popular guy.

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  1. Rose

    It looks quite promising. Di Caprio seems to be getting a run of good roles and left his Titantic shame in the past. Having seen Shutter Island recently and being impressed by his acting once again, he could do a lot with this part (especially since it's Hoover!), with the direction of Eastwood. Maybe this will be another successful partnership, similar to the Scorsese-Di Caprio formula! I'm constantly surprised by Eastwood's innovation, so hopefully we're in for another treat for this one.


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