It’s time for another Good Idea/Bad Idea…

Good idea: Making a fifth Terminator movie, if only so we can all forget Terminator Salvation.
Bad idea: Handing the franchise to Fast Five director Justin Lin. Just no. (Link)

Good idea: Tim Burton casting Michelle Pfeiffer in his new project Dark Shadows. Her turn in Burton’s Batman returns is still the definitive on-screen portrayal of Catwoman and she’s a damn fine actress to boot.
Bad idea: Tim Burton casting his partner Helena Bonham Carter in Dark Shadows, the pair have combined for more hits than misses over the past ten years and he needs to find a new muse. (Link)

Good idea: Warner Bros greenlighting 300 prequel Xerxes. 300 was a great movie, stylistic, raw and visceral, so more of that is welcome.
Bad idea: Handing off the directing duties to Guy Ritchie. A fine director in his own right, but the movie will suffer from the lack of Zack Snyder’s vision.  (Link)

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