New romantic Irish movie The Randomers is being released digitally in 154 countries to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The film is the story of a girl on the West coast of Ireland played by Sarah Jane Murphy who places an advertisement seeking a guy for a relationship ‘without speaking’ and finds exactly what she’s looking for in Joseph Lydon.

“There’s something about him she doesn’t know,” says award-winning director Graham Jones. “But he’s not going to be chatty about it. I’ve always wondered why romantic movies are so dialogue-driven. After all, not even the most talkative relationships seem deeply rooted in words…”

The Randomers was shot in Counties Galway & Mayo using local actors, musicians and scenery – the production didn’t even have a budget for catering but the cast and crew were eager to work on a challenging project nonetheless.

“It was such a wonderful experience,” says female lead Sarah Jane Murphy. “It helped me grow as an actor and indeed as a person.”

“We made a movie about a relationship that didn’t need words,” adds her onscreen love interest Joseph Lydon. “I think it will speak volumes.”

Unlike his previous movies released through cinemas or DVD, this Graham Jones film is freely available online for anybody to watch – just click here!

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