News from the home of country music, Nashville, Tennessee, where Irish screenwriter Brian MacEvilly won the award for best Script for a Comedy for his screenplay The Full Irish.

The Full Irish was picked from more than 1,350 entries. The script sees a New York mafia boss find himself stranded in the remotest part of the West of Ireland.

MacEvilly has form when it comes to scriptwriting competitions, having previously won the Atlantis Award at the Moondance Film Festival in New York for his screenplay Song of the Lost Sister.

Founded in 1969 by Mary Jane Coleman, NaFF was originally known as the Sinking Creek Film Celebration. Nearly 20 years later it was renamed as the Nashville Independent Film Festival and, later, the Nashville Film Festival in 2003. More than 43,000 people attended events during the 10-day festival, which featured 285 films from 45 countries.

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