An Irish feature film for children is set to light up the small screen this Christmas on RTÉ2.  Premiering this Sunday, December 23rd, at 10.50am, Mini Moguls is one of the very few live action Irish kids films to be part of the Christmas schedule.

The film stars Hometown and Dancing With The Stars alum, Dayl Cronin as Max Mogul alongside an array of teenage talent.

The film follows Grace Campbell – an entirely ordinary fourteen year old – who sees her chance to make her mark when Max Mogul advertises that he is looking for the best and brightest Ireland has to offer to work alongside him at Max Mogul Industries. She and four other teenagers are selected from an open competition for the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to the famous Mogul Manor where they will stay and compete for the top prize of a job within Max’s mysterious new company.

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There’s just one problem, when Grace arrives at camp she realises that they think she’s someone else!!! It’s a classic case of mistaken identity and instead of owning up to the error, she decides to play along. Grace soon meets the other four participants, each more dizzyingly  impressive than the last – she’ll have to work hard if she’s to fit in here.

Max puts the teens through their paces, encouraging each of them to use their own unique skills to win the competition. While the teens work their hardest to win, it becomes evident that there
is more to Max Mogul and his new company than meets the eye. Will our supergroup get to the bottom of what’s going on? Will they put a stop to Max’s evil plan?

Tune in to Mini Moguls on RTÉ2 at 10.50am this Sunday to find out!

Aimed at preteens, Mini Moguls is the fourth feature film to be produced by Tailored Films. Their next feature, The Winter Lake, begins production in Spring 2019.

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