Triskel Cinema Patron Aidan Gillen will attend the cinema on Saturday, September 23rd to introduce the film Mojo in which he starred. Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017, this rarely screened 1950’s London Rock’n’Roll drama was directed by Jez Butterworth and based on his own play.

I am delighted that on the 20th anniversary of its release, Triskel have tracked down a print of Jez Butterworth’s film Mojo, a personal favourite from my own back catalogue, maybe the favourite. Set around the nascent London rock’n’roll scene in 1958 and the shady characters who were cashing in on it It’s rarely been seen anywhere outside of its original release and has all kinds of curiosity value including early performances from Andy Serkis, Ewen Bremner, Hans Matheson, a late performance from Harold Pinter, an intriguing soundtrack featuring original recordings from the likes of Marc Almond, Nick Cave, Beth Orton and Alex James among others. It looks good too, Bruno De Keyser who shot Bertrand Tavernier’s Round Midnight shot it. Aidan Gillen

Mojo set in Soho in 1958 recreates the moment when British youth were plunged into a new glittering world free from the privations of war, when the birth of Rock’n’Roll brought with it a new and vibrant London. Situated in London’s seedy Soho gangland, Mojo focuses on Ezra’s Atlantic club, where Silver Johnny performs to hordes of screaming teenagers…

We are delighted to be screening Mojo. We’ve had Aidan host several screenings at Triskel in the past and but he has always requested films that he likes and have inspired him, rather than films he has appeared in. Therefore, when Aidan asked if we could screen Mojo I know it was a film that was special to him. After much research we were able to track down a copy to screen, Mojo has never been released on video or DVD, and television screenings are infrequent, so seeing it on the big screen really is an event. Chris O’Neill, Head of Cinema at Triskel Arts Centre

Proceeds from this screening will be donated to charity.

Sat 23 September at 8.45pmMojo 20th anniversary screening introduced by Aidan Gillen
€9.30 full price / €7.00 with annual membership

Tickets available from Triskel Box Office 021 4272022 and via

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