MCM Expo is bringing their excellent Comic Con to Ireland for the first time ever! The event will run on April 12th and 13th and is a must for all Irish fans of sci-fi, videogames, comics, cosplay and anime.

MCM Expo’s very first international event, the inaugural MCM Ireland Comic Con will be held in Halls 1 and 2 of RDS, Dublin’s premier event venue. Visitors to the show can expect a weekend of geeky goodness, including a host of special guests, onstage panels, talented comic creators, costume competitions and retail stands. Event co-organiser Bryan Cooney is quoted below:

“It’s great to be bringing the MCM Ireland Comic Con to my hometown. A lot of fans have been asking us when we were going to do a Dublin show, so we decided it was high time to take the MCM brand across the Irish Sea.””We can’t wait to bring the MCM magic to Ireland next April,” added show co-organiser Paul Miley. “As well as our flagship MCM London Comic Con, the largest show of its kind in Europe, we now host events in Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Dublin and Telford.”

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  1. Josh

    I am defiantly going to go to this it sounds awesome!!! I wonder when tickets will be on sale… If they could get Mark Millar and John Romita Jr to be special guests and do signings It would be insane! =)

  2. Niall

    Having those two would be quite the coup. MCM usually put on a good show and this being the first I expect great things. Be sure to check Scannain and the MCM site for more info as we get closer.

  3. John

    Foreign Con!!! No thanks!! Ireland has some great conventions run by Irish people!
    The organiser isn’t Irish which he claims to be, these shows are big car boot sales and nothing more! Support the great Irish cons and keep MCM in the UK where they belong.

    • Kevin

      @John – MCM’s London show gets 70K + people to attend a car boot sale? The organiser is not Irish? I suppose you believe Obama was not born in the USA. Name one local Comicon that gets anything near 70K people to attend?

      • John

        @Kevin, how deluded are you mate? If you think MCM will draw those kind of numbers you should be locked up immediately because your a danger to the public. The organizer made a statement about bringing a show to his hometown, that’s not true. But people like you will believe anything they read, enjoy the show!

  4. Peter

    Well considering the UK has a population of what..60+ million and Ireland has one of 4.5 million it is much easier to get the numbers there rather than here and I very much doubt that MCM will get 70k people here either, we just do not have the population who are that much into comic cons.

    The smaller Irish run (and keeping money in Ireland btw) events have been growing at a steady pace and upon seeing the large attendances at recent events MCM have jumped on the bandwagon. Bare in mind they were no where to be seen years ago when the Irish scene wanted a proper Comic Con.

    Their shows are mainly merchandise stalls with actors and corporate sponsors.

    The organizers parents are Irish but he was born in the UK just to clarify.

    • Kevin

      The organisor was born in the UK? Pathetic lies. Have you got a copy of his birth cert? I am certain you do not as I attended school with him here in Dublin. He is 100% Irish. Here’s hoping that MCM’s Dublin Comicon is an outstanding success for everyone and fxxx begrudgers like you.


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