This weekend, the 15th and 16th of November, KinoD is running a 48-hour film-making festival in Fumbally Exchange, Dame Lane called the “KinoD Winter Kabaret”.

At the Kabaret people will pitch ideas for films between 2-6 minutes and then use the talents and equipment of their fellow participants to get it made. A screening of all finished films will take place at 8pm on Sunday 16th November in the Mercantile. General admission for non-participants will be €5.

This is KinoD’s third Kabaret event this year after a successful weekend in May (“Guerilla Kabaret”) in May and an eight day International Kabaret in July. Roughly 80 films were produced and screened at KinoD events so far this year.

KinoD is entirely volunteer run and every penny made is reinvested into the running of events.

Registration is €15. DOPs, directors, editors, sound recordists, makeup artists, actors and anyone else who wants to make a film is eligible to take part. Entrants can register online now.

Here are some of the films made earlier this year!

Short film The Picture House

Short Film That Bleedin’ Tic

Short film What Are You Going To Do?

The event commences at 8am on Saturday morning with registration. At 9am all participants will introduce themselves and explain their skills, what equipment they have with them and what they hope to do during the Kabaret.

At 10am the pitching session begins. This is where directors tell the room the name of their project, how long the finished film will be and what they need from the participants to complete it. When the pitching session is finished the film-makers go out and shoot their films. They have access to the lab for the entire duration of the festival.

At 8pm on Sunday, the finished films will be screened at the Mercantile.

For more information hit up KinoD on Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube.

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