On May 14th, Instituto Cervantes brings to the city the second chapter of the literary series “In Conversation” this time delving in the working environment, with a screening followed by a Q&A about La mano invisible (The Invisible Hand), first a novel by author Isaac Rosa, now also a feature film by David Macián.

With a tense and astonishing story, the center of this novel dips into one of the big themes of our time, curiously very little transited in literature: the working environment. The programme will include a screening of the thought provoking The Invisible Hand at 6pm. Right after the author of the novelIsaac Rosa and David Macián, the cinema director who has dared to adapt this singular story to the cinema, will converse with Irish actor and screenwriter Mark O’Halloran. The event is free but booking in advance is required.

The Invisible Hand tells the story of a group of workers that are hired to develop their work in front of an audience. Artwork, reality show, macabre experiment? Nobody knows what’s going on and who is behind that perverse performance. The film has been nominated and awarded in prestigious film festivals such as Premios Feroz and Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla, and has been showed in different International festivals such as Thessaloniki Film Festival (Greece) or Crossing Europe Film Festival (Austria).

David Macián is a cinema director recognized for his short films at a national and international level. He has worked as production director in a variety of audiovisual projects, assistant director and editor. In 2016, after his first feature film La mano invisible, he went back to the short form with Zero, based in the ERE scandal in Coca-Cola, on the importance of a dignifying job and collective solidarity.

The Invisible Hand screening and In Conversation 2. Jobs discussion

When: 14th May. from 6pm to 8:30pm.                                                                         

Where: Instituto Cervantes Dublin.                                                                              

Cost: Free  RSVP: bookings.dublin@cervantes.es

Find out more at https://cultura.cervantes.es/dublin/en/trabajos/125476

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