Results were announced today for two Creative Europe MEDIA Development Schemes – Slate Funding and the Development of Video Games – with Irish Companies securing €1,055,821 in support. 

These latest results bring to €12,231,201 the amount awarded to Irish audiovisual and Games companies since the Creative Europe Programme commenced in 2014.

Four companies: Soilsiú Teoranta, Hell’s Kitchen Ltd., Element Pictures Ltd. and Treasure Entertainment received a total of €755,821 in Slate Funding – a scheme to support companies to develop multiple projects for the international market.

Two companies, Isometric Dreams (Spooky Doorway) and Gambrinous received a total of €300,000 for the development of Video Games.

Negotiations are underway to establish a new Creative Europe Programme from 2021-2027.  The final results for the current programme will be published later this year.

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