One of the things that the Cork Film Festival prides itself on is its commitment to Talent Development. They will extend this commitment in 2015 with the launch of their inaugural Talent Campus.

Cork’s Talent Development Campus will welcome emerging film talent from across Ireland , the UK, and Europe to collaborate, network and train together.

Each of the industry training events will be accompanied by a networking event where participants of the campus not only get the opportunity to forge new international partnerships and collaborations with their peers but benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Cork Film Festival’s national and international industry guests.

Applications can be made by person from the Republic of Ireland, the UK, and the rest of Europe by using these links.

  • Successful applicants resident in the UK, including Northern Ireland, may be eligible for some funding from Creative Skillset to cover costs in attending the Cork Film Festival. To be eligible applicants would need to meet the guidelines found on the Creative Skillset website.
  • For successful applicants from mainland Europe the Festival will offer a limited number of scholarship places in the Campus.

The cost of the Talent Development Campus including all training programmes is:
Filmmakers from the Republic of Ireland: €120
Filmmakers from the UK: €90

The Talent Development Campus at the Cork Film Festival 2015 has partnered with RTE, Shooting People, CIT, DocHeads, Crossover Labs, and the BAI.

Some Information on the Talent Development programme for 2015

Wednesday 11th November
– An intensive series of events exploring the aural side of filmmaking.

Critics Circle – An all new session sees critics from the UK and Ireland explore all aspects of film-writing; how to get a foothold in the industry and the rise of self-publication in film criticism and how to make yourself stand out.

Thursday 12th November
– All you need to know about film-financing. Exploring traditional and non-traditional funding models. This event is recommended for emerging filmmakers. The similar event in 2014 saw speakers from RTE, BAI, IFB, FilmBase, MEDIA, Ripple World Pictures, and FundIt among others.

Friday 13th November
– Part show, part conference, Interactive@ Cork is an event for industry professionals interested in the nexus of film and technology. The Festival welcomes Sheffield Doc/Fest’s affiliate organisation XO Labs as guest curator. The similar event in 2014 saw speakers from Protein, Brown Bag Films, Vice, and SubGenre Media among others.

Saturday 14th November
Incubate – This is an all-day filmmaker training session which answers the question “So you’ve made a short film – now what?” and teaches all aspects of the industry from festivals to distribution and beyond. 2014 saw speakers from RedRage Films, JDIFF, Irish Film New York, Dogwoof Distribution, Element Pictures, and VOLTA.

More information is available from or via the Cork Film Festival Website.

The 60th Cork Film Festival will take place from November 6th to 15th. Submissions are still open for the 2015 feastival.

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