Floodland Pictures have released the first clip from and poster for Billy O’Brien’s I Am Not a Serial Killer, an adaptation of Dan Wells’ novel of the same name

I Am Not a Serial Killer follows a 15-year-old who is a diagnosed sociopath. Due to being plagued by constant homicidal urges, he lives by a set of rules designed to keep his violent impulses in check.

The film, which shot in Minnesota, features Max Records (Where The Wild Things Are) in the lead, alongside Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future), and Laura Fraser (Breaking Bad).

Nick Ryan of Irish production company Floodland Pictures produce, with John McDonnell and Ruairi Robinson executive producers. The Tea Shop and Film Company’s James Harris and Mark Lane also produce. Financing comes from the Irish Film Board, Quickfire Films, and The Fyzz Facility. Robbie Ryan acts as director of photography on the film, with Starred Up‘s Nick Emerson editor. Post-production was handled by EGG Post in Dublin.

I Am Not a Serial Killer has its world premiere at SXSW on Sunday.

I Am Not A Serial Killer - Poster

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