The IndieCork Festival of Independent Film and Music wrapped on Sunday (October 16th) after an incredible week of celebrations of the best in Irish and international independent talent. The festival culminated in an awards ceremony prior to the closing night film with awards presented for feature films, short films and music.

Festival organisers were particularly pleased with the fourth festival. Mick Hannigan, Festival Co-Director said:

This year has been a vital year for us in cementing our place on both a local and global platform as one of the top Independent film and music festivals out there. As always, we thank all our collaborators, our loyal audiences, and the many visiting artists who came to IndieCork this year.

Highlights of the festival this year included sold out events like the Film Feast which was presented at the new Blacklight Solutions Festival Venue at the Kino Cinema. The opening night film Dead Along the Way also sold out at the Gate cinema with a record number of cast and crew in attendance. Overall, there was over a 20% increase in audience attendance from last year’s event which shows how much this Cork festival is growing in importance and popularity.

Úna Feely, Festival Co-Director commented:

Our ethos of providing a festival rooted in collaboration has once again proven to be very rewarding. We want to pay particular thanks to our sponsors this year The Rising Sons Brewery, Blacknight Solutions and Cork City Council. The festival simply would not be possible without them.

IndieCork Festival Awards 2016

Best Irish Short – Natasha Waugh for Terminal

For its sensitive depiction of a younger and an older woman meeting in the departure lounge of an Irish airport. In Terminal, Natasha Waugh effectively conveys the private dramas of people’s lives affected by current public policy.

Special Mention Irish Short – Laura Gaynor for When The Butcher Stopped Ordering Meat

In her highly entertaining documentary When The Butcher Stopped Ordering Meat IndieCork commended film student Laura Gaynor for revealing the rich and inspiring content of ordinary Irish lives.

Best Creative Cork Award- Ross Carey for Date Night

For his formally inventive yet deeply moving exploration of love and grief IndieCork were unanimous in giving the award to Ross Carey for the imaginative and affecting Date Night.

Special Mention Creative Cork – Rob Mullins for Dig

Squeezing fresh humour out of the established trope of two journeymen gangsters trying to carry out a hit job in a woods and being frustrated by the reluctant victim, IndieCork commended Rob Mullins for his highly entertaining Dig.

Spirit of IndieCork Award

IndieCork presented this award to indie Godfather, Huck Melnick for his decades of championing independent film, for giving support and guidance to countless indie filmmakers and for his own independent work, the latest of which, the feature Faith & Fidelity, IndieCork are honoured to premiere at IndieCork.

Best World Short – Wohnee Jung for Belle Ville

In a year of outstanding international short films at the festival; IndieCork had many contenders for best world short. In the end, IndieCork chose a film that captures a worldwide story of increasing concern. Yet in a personal and unique way, Belle Ville outlines the predicament of the young Chinese-Korean woman at the heart of the film. It is deceptively low key, yet masterful filmmaking, reminiscent of the work of the Dardennes brothers. 


IndieCork Music Awards 2016

Emerging Artist Award – Darren Kirwan for Signal:Noise

Signal:Noise is an audiovisual performance piece that mixes, treats and distorts found footage in order to express a critical view of media consumption. Darren’s piece exhibits both technical virtuosity and creative purpose; his manipulation of media distances and ironicises its materials to evoke a powerful dystopian vision. As a supporter of contemporary media arts, IndieCork is delighted to offer this award to Darren, for cross-platform work that is both experimental and relevant.

Award for Pioneering Musical Practices – Dr Strangely Strange

Ireland, and particularly ‘Rebel’ Cork, has a reputation for musical innovation and experimentation. This award is made in recognition of the ground-breaking work of Dr Strangely Strange, a group that has blended folk, rock and ‘psychedelic lounge music’ from the late 1960’s to the present day. Their contribution to, and influence upon, each of those musical genres in Ireland has been significant. Their pioneering creativity remains inspirational for a new generation of musicians, and the spirit that IndieCork aspires to foster.

O’Bheál Poetry Film Competition

Winner: Dictionary Illustrations by Marie Craven (poem by Sarah Sloat)

Dictionary Illustrations was a perfect film poem because, remembering it, we can’t distinguish which parts were the words, which the images, which the sounds: each element harmonised perfectly with the others to create one discrete artwork.  This effect is so rare, and so rewarding. – Kathy D’Arcy & Rossa Mullen

Euroconnection Ronan Phelan Script and Pitching Award winner

Mike O’Dowd for Woodpeckers

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