We continue our series of posts on the films at 2015 Galway Film Fleadh, taking a look at writer/director Paddy Hayes’ documentary Deoch an Dorais (Name Your Poison). The film screens Saturday July 11th, at 2.15pm in the Town Hall Studio.

The story of Michael Malloy, a.k.a. Mike the Durable and Iron Mike, is the stuff of legend. In depression era America this Donegal native survived more than 20 attempts on his life, ranging from alcohol poisoning, to food poisining, to actual poisoning, to hypothermia. All of these attempts were carried out by five  acquaintances, who were attempting to commit life insurance fraud. Their eventaul success in their endeavour saw 4 executed and 1 sentenced to life imprisonment.


The documentary sees former Donegal footballer Anthony Molloy embark on a journey to New York to seek out the truth on the toughest Irishman ever to grace the planet. His durability has seen his name immortalised in song, prose, and television.

Deoch an Dorais has its world premiere on Saturday July 11th, at 2.15pm in the Town Hall Studio. Director Paddy Hayes will attend the screening.

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