Bankhouse Productions and October Eleven Films have announced Feature Film Project Ireland II.

Film Producer Matthew Toman and writer/director Jason Figgis established Feature Film Project Ireland (FFP) in 2014 in order to provide actors with state of the art, practical training for the film & television industry.

The FFP format takes students on an eight-week acting workshop working with a full cast and crew on character  development, pre-production and finally the filming of a full feature film production, which is optioned for distribution across America, Canada, and Europe; a feature unique to the course and not currently provided by any other institution anywhere in the world.

The first class of FFP wrapped on their first feature Urban Traffik in May 2015 with the movie due for release in late 2015.

Due to the success of the FFP1 Bankhouse Productions and October Eleven Films are announcing a second run of the course and are now accepting submissions.

The course is broken into two stages:

Stage one: An eight-week acting workshop which includes Improvisation, in-depth analysis and creation of character, character development within a story and working closely on all aspects of performance with the film’s writer & director Jason Figgis. Once the workshop is completed students are then cast in the movie and are treated as working actors from that point.

Stage two: Full production of a feature film shot over a two-week period.
Students are cast and treated as working actors from this point and will work on set with a full production crew over the six-week period.

FFP offers a private screening in the Irish Film Institute, experience working with a professional director, crew and production team and all FFP students are eligible for IMDB credits. Unlike any other program currently on the market FFP students earn a starring role in a feature length movie with international distribution.

Places for FFP II are strictly limited to 14. For more information please visit: FeatureFilmProjectIreland or mail

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