This year the Dublin International Film Festival, in partnership with Dublin City Council, are launching a new strand – DIFF PIX, which will become a platform for pop up screenings and events.

Dublin has a wonderful history on the silver screen. To celebrate DIFFpix are taking a look back at some of their favourite movies set in dear ol’ Dublin town. From Jim Sheridan’s Oscar winning My Left Foot to Roddy Doyle’s utterly irreplaceable The Commitments, Dublin has delivered a long, proud cinematic legacy.

Join the DIFFpix Club and receive regular updates on special events and to be in with a chance to win tickets to this and many other film related gigs around the city, from red carpet premiers to hidden surprise events in some of Dublin’s coolest venues.

The festival has announced that their first DIFFpix event will see them take over Smithfield Square, together with Dublin City Council, turning it into an outdoor movie theatre, in order to screen one of Dublin’s Favourite Films.

Dublin City is the backdrop for many film sets every year. Be it a fiercely independent, homemade film that has made the city’s name in recent years or international blockbusters that make the most out of the city’s historical setting, take a walk around the city for long enough and you’re likely to find camera crew setting up. Dublin-made film is notoriously funny and rooted in the local culture and risk-taking, and DIFFpix plan to celebrate Dublin’s rich cinema history by starting a discussion – WHAT IS DUBLIN’S FAVOURITE FILM?

The festival has selected 12 iconic Dublin films – one for every year of the film festival’s existence.

The 12 films shortlisted are:

  • Adam and Paul
  • I Went Down
  • Inside I’m Dancing
  • Intermission
  • My Left Foot
  • Once
  • The Commitments
  • The Snapper
  • Quackser Fortune
  • Michael Collins
  • The General
  • Irish Destiny

Take part in the discussion and vote for your favourite on the JDIFF website, facebook and twitter – using the hashtag #smithfilmsquare. DIFF are running competitions for tickets for all of you to be in with a chance to take part in this outdoor screening of Dublin’s Favourite Film on the 26th of July.

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