From Wildcard Distribution come a new clip for Brendan J Byrne’s new Irish documentary Bobby Sands: 66 Days, which will be released in Irish cinemas on August 5th.

In the Spring of 1981 Bobby Sands, a Republican prisoner in Belfast’s H Block, began a 66 day hunger strike which drew the attention of the world to his campaign for recognition as a political prisoner. This focus on the Northern Irish conflict would eventually trigger efforts to resolve it. Byrne’s energetic new documentary chronicles Sands’ physical deterioration over the course of the 66 days, focusing on Sands’ beliefs as outlined in his prison diaries, on the divided community into which he was born and the Republican history which informed his politicisation as a young man

The film was produced by Trevor Birney and Brendan J Byrne for Belfast based Fine Point Films / Cyprus Avenue Films with the Oscar winning filmmaker Alex Gibney a consulting producer.

Wildcard Distribution will release Bobby Sands: 66 Days in Irish cinemas on August 5th.

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