The Campaign

A diverting and amusing way to spend 90 minutes, but it's nowhere near the level of Anchorman, The Hangover or even Talladega Nights.

Premium Rush

When the chase is on this movie really flies and the calibre of central performances, the cinematography and the thumping score help elevate this film above the predictable and hole-ridden plot.


Funny, warm, scary, and an absolute treat for its brisk 90 minutes Grabbers is easily one of the best movies to come from these shores in years.

Snow White and the Huntsman

The second Snow White movie of the season is upon us, and with the first, Mirror, Mirror, generally being derided as ineffective fluff it is up to first-time director Rupert Sanders to show that all is not Grim...


 Turning a board game into a big-budget summer blockbuster was always going to be a stretch. But Hasbro the company behind the cinematic juggernaut Transformers series thought they had locked on to a win...

Wrath of the Titans

 Two years after the big budget remake Clash of the Titans fought its way onto the screens and passed 500 million at the box office Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and co are back in ancient Greece with mor...
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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

After 3 successful films and a 5 year hiatus Mission: Impossible is back with a brand new director but the same old Tom Cruise. Can the worlds biggest movie-star turn back the clock to breath new life into a ti...

30 Minutes or Less

Two years ago Ruben Fleischer burst into the modern movie making school of excellence with his accomplished debut comedy Zombieland. Now he returns with another Jesse Eisenberg starring comedy but can comedic g...

Horrible Bosses

Seth Gordon famously gave us King of Kong, before blundering spectacularly with the car-crash of a film that was Four Christmases. Now he returns with a brand new comedy in the guise of Horrible Bosses, an adve...