The World’s End

A fun end to the Cornetto trilogy. A nice piece of escapist cinema wrapped in comforting nostalgia.

Man of Steel

Snyder and co have made the best looking, best sounding, most action-packed superhero film ever, they just forgot to include the essence of what makes the (super)man.

A Hijacking

By turns thought provoking, harrowing and moving A Hijacking lingers long in the mind for quite a bit of time after the credits roll.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness is almost everything a Star Trek fan could hope for in a sequel, and has more than enough going for it to make non-fans interested too.

21 & Over

21 & Over won't make you love college comedies but if you like the sub-genre already then you'll have a good time here.

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 is quite simply the most fun that you will have at the cinema this year.