Incredibles 2

#Review: Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 is filled with that same heart and bombastic oomph that audiences fell in love with all those years ago

#Review: First Reformed

With a career-best turn from Ethan Hawke, Paul Schrader's finest film in 30 years ably and brilliantly posits some very deep questions of faith, and demands its audience seek some answers.
In the Fade

#Review: In the Fade

In the Fade asks hard questions about the how and why of cultural assimilation, when and where we “belong”, and our notions of truth, trust, and justice.  And it does this in a suspenseful and engaging way.
Tag Review

#Review: Tag

A wonderful cast has genuine and heartfelt chemistry, which makes up for the lacklustre direction and narrative failings.
Adrift Scannain

#Review: Adrift

Adrift is a simple enough film with strong acting, but it is let down by clunky dialogue and questionable directorial choices.