#Review: Hereditary

From top to bottom Hereditary is an excellent film. The smothering score, the terrifying visuals, and the mind-bending storytelling every part of this film is tremendous in its execution.
My Friend Dahmer Scannain Review

#Review: My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer a heartbreaking reminder of the frailty of the human condition and Meyers with his cast has done a great job at showing that Jeffrey Dahmer is a three-dimensional individual.
The Breadwinner Scannain

Review: The Breadwinner

With a wonderful cast, a powerfully emotive story, and two striking styles of visual storytelling The Breadwinner is a must see at the cinema.

#Review: Dive

With Ireland on the verge of a landmark referendum on women’s rights, writer and director Daniel F Holmes teamed up with Feature Film School Project to try and piece together a balanced and fair look at how Irish law affects women. Dive is the feature length result.
Citizen Lane

#Review: Citizen Lane

Citizen Lane is a fascinating and lovingly crafted insight into the man credited with establishing the first known public gallery of modern art in the world.