Ralph Breaks the Internet

#Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph Breaks the Internet is ultimately a good sequel that is unfortunately stuffed with unnecessary elements but when it comes back to the main plot and the relationship between Ralph and Vanellope it will bring you to tears.

#Review: Overlord

Out this week in cinemas is Overlord from director Julius Avery. This film is about a bunch of paratroopers on the eve of D-Day and not all is as it seems

#Review: Suspiria

Suspiria may not achieve its loftiest ambitions, but it is a uniquely heady and disturbing remake, driven by a game cast and excellent design.

#Review: Katie

Irish boxing phenom Katie Taylor is the subject of award-winning documentarian Ross Whitaker’s latest film, appropriately titled, Katie.
We Ourselves

#Review: We Ourselves

Realistic, naïve and a sort of adventurous nonsense, Paul Mercier's We Ourselves is a trip well worth taking. Out now at the Savoy Cinema.