Downtown Abbey

#Review: Downton Abbey

It's time to return to Downtown Abbey, but does Graham care for this overlush, overextravagant event that he never got into?
IT Chapter Two

#Review: IT: Chapter Two

In 2017 cinemagoers were introduced to the Loser's Club. This motley band of misfits took on a horrifying force of malevolence and defeated it, barely. Now 2 years later audiences get to see what happens to th...

#Review: Crawl

Crawl works. It promises a simple, strong premise and it delivers atmosphere, jump scares, a little gore and even topical themes.
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

#Review: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Stories can hurt, stories can heal, and if told enough can become very real. This is the lesson at the core of this grim fairy tale. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is about a group of teens who uncover a to...