Miles Ahead

It has style and fine performances, but Miles Ahead tries too hard to overcome its biopic limitations, with limited success

Eye In The Sky

Full of tension, Eye In The Sky is an intelligent and prescient thriller, and a fine swansong for the late Alan Rickman.

Louder Than Bombs

Louder Than Bombs is an elegant and emotionally rich examination of grief, with sublime direction and a screenplay of remarkable depth.

Midnight Special

Though more familiar than it might care to admit, Midnight Special is a handsome and thoughtful throwback to Spielberg in his heyday.


High-Rise has style to spare and is appropriately chaotic, but it lacks the smarts or grit that a Ballard adaptation deserves.

Triple 9

It's fine on its own terms, but Triple 9 is too indebted to formula and films past to stand out.