#Review: Suspiria

Suspiria may not achieve its loftiest ambitions, but it is a uniquely heady and disturbing remake, driven by a game cast and excellent design.

#Review: First Reformed

With a career-best turn from Ethan Hawke, Paul Schrader's finest film in 30 years ably and brilliantly posits some very deep questions of faith, and demands its audience seek some answers.

#Review: Phantom Thread

Paul Thomas Anderson's typically deep and sharp script and direction are married to stunning performances to deliver an intoxicating probe of the cost of love.

#Review: Neruda

Despite a great cast and style to spare, Pablo Larraín’s Neruda is too playful and aloof to send the poet's work flying off the shelf.
Toni Erdmann

#Review: Toni Erdmann

With game performances and a deft directorial hand, Toni Erdmann is a testament to parental love and wisdom, and it's the funniest film of the year to boot.