American Sniper

Clint Eastwood shows no signs of slowing down or changing his political views in American Sniper, a well-made but broad tale of wartime heroism.

Venus In Fur

Venus In Fur is a biting and well-performed take on gender politics, even if it pulls it punches on occasion.

Cold In July

Compelling performances and a dazzling look and score balance our Cold In July's riskier experimental tendencies

Magic In The Moonlight

In spite of an output of fluctuating quality, there is still something inherently comforting in sitting through the opening credits of a new Woody Allen movie. Since Annie Hall (1977), that unmistakable white s...

All This Mayhem

All This Mayhem is a riveting and heartfelt look of misspent youth through the prism of two brothers and their aspirations of being skateboarding champions.